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Piano Night In Postlude

A huge thank you to everyone who tuned in to Music for Liberia's first virtual fundraising concert, Piano Night In! We're thrilled to announce that we've raised over £700 so far, all of which will go to our Coronavirus Relief Fund.

It was my pleasure to perform some of my favourite music from Africa and its diaspora, from Duke Ellington's elegant 'The Single Petal of a Rose,' to Fred Onovwerosuoke's innovative '24 Studies in African Rhythms', to Florence B. Price's barn-storming 'Fantasie Negre.' If you missed the concert, you can still catch it on Vimeo or Facebook.

With the money raised from this event, Music for Liberia will be able to work with our beneficiaries in Liberia to keep them healthy and safe during the current health crisis. All donations during the month of May will support our Coronavirus Relief Fund. If you'd still like to help, click here to donate.

It's been wonderful to connect with our community, even during lockdown. A special thank you to all the volunteers who made Piano Night In possible. Wishing everyone health and safety during these difficult times.


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