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Who we are and 
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About Us!

Music for Liberia raises money for children and education in Liberia through events featuring a diverse array of world renowned musicians, including Stephen Kovacevich, Sona Jobarteh and Alice Zawadzki. Our donations have enabled our charity partners and beneficiaries to fund crucial work in Liberia, including funding scholarships, supporting rural schools and providing accommodation for Ebola orphans. 

We have also worked with and provided performance opportunities for young musicians in London, including East London’s Kuumba Youth Music and Wandsworth’s World Heart Beat Music Academy.

In 2012, then Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf thanked the artists and organisers for their ”generosity and compassion to help us address a critical problem.” This year, we are proud to be supporting Mother Blessings Home, the Cachelle International Creative Arts Center, and the Agape National Academy of Music.

Registered Charity No: 1184044

About Liberia

A tiny West African nation bordering Sierra Leone, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast, Liberia (“land of the free”) was founded in the nineteenth century by freed American slaves.

In more recent times, Liberia has unfortunately become better known for its two civil wars (1989 – 1996, and 1999-2003) that killed more than 200,000 people, left many more homeless, and destroyed much of the economy. Its then-President, Charles Taylor, went into exile in 2003 and was later convicted of war crimes at The Hague.

In 2005, Liberia elected the first female African head of state, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who in 2011 won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in promoting peace and justice in Liberia. But whilst Liberia is now at peace, the scars from the civil war remain; Liberia ranks close to the bottom of countries in the Human Development Index with almost 80% of the population engaged in vulnerable employment.

Liberia’s education system was all but destroyed during the civil war and remains behind most other African nations in nearly all education statistics. The country’s economic and political stability has also recently been threatened by a deadly Ebola virus epidemic, which has killed over 5,400 people in West Africa.

Our Partners

Music for Liberia is proud to work with
the following organisations and charities:

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