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Greetings from Liberia

What a joy to visit our beneficiaries in Liberia this summer. From running relay races and planning the talent show at the Cachelle's Summer Camp, to practicing yoga and giving out books at Mother Blessing's Home, it was wonderful to spend time with the amazing children that Music for Liberia supports. I left Monrovia so energised by the enthusiasm, ambitions, creativity and curiosity of the children I met. And it was incredibly inspiring to see what a difference your support and donations are making!

With that, I'm very happy to announce that it's time to get ready for this November's Music for Liberia's Charity Concert. It's our biggest event of the year (music, food, raffle and more...) and we're going to need your help to make it our most successful one yet. Get in touch to see how you can contribute. 

And for those who want to be even more involved in shaping Music for Liberia's future, we're currently recruiting new Trustees. Sign up for our newsletter for information about joining Music for Liberia's leadership, as well as news about exciting new partnerships, updates on your donations, and lots of photos and videos from beautiful Liberia.  

Thanks again for your support, and see you soon!


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